Bench, Colon Panama – January 26 2019

Bench Colon, Panama 8.9.2012


This image is from a trip I made with the Danilo Perez Foundation. We had gone to Colon to look at areas where the Foundation might build another school to help kids learn about the magic of music. We went to several radio stations and met with local officials and community leaders to try to get an idea of what was possible.

On the trip was Danilo Perez, his wife Patricia Zarate, Joshue Ashby Humphreys, Alieda Duartes, and others I can’t recall.. Though many places we went were considered “red zones”, I did manage to walk around a bit and capture a bit of Colon.

In Colon there are many beautiful buildings, but over the years parts of Colon had fallen into disrepair from neglect and the fact that many jobs and businesses moved to Panama City as that city grew. 

It was difficult at times to see what the city had become and how people lived. But, regardless of this, the people had hopes and were set to make Colon a beautiful city once again.

I feel like I was blessed to be able to witness the lives and the people of Colon. It can make you feel happy, or blessed,  to know that you have what you have, but it can allows allow you to see that you, one person, can make a difference in many people’s lives. And helping create the change, fo r me, is better than owning any material things. It may be a bit about spirituality and how we are connected, and, maybe we do owe it to each other, and the future of the human race to reach out and help others.

I do miss the friends I made in Panama. Hopefully I will be able to return and catch up with everyone once again.

-Bill Bytsura

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