White Rose January 31, 2019

White Rose, NYC 1.31.2019 The last day of the first month of a photo a day and I’ve made it! It’s been a bit tough, sometimes I forget and I’m flipping through images to see what I find. I had some time today and there were two white roses at my disposal. And who doesn’t like flowers. I played around with them a bit and […]

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PRAISE!!! Catedral Metropolitana, Panama, 10.4.11   There’s a church in the main square of Casco Viejo, or in English, the Old Helmut. I spent a few hours one day inside the church taking photographs. Like many places in this area of Panama City, they had fallen into disrepair.  I have always found the passage of time and its effects very interesting, photographing these effects is […]

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Cat and Man, Central Avenue, Panama January 29, 2019

Cat and Man, Central Avenue, Panama, 2.23.2016 In my humble opinion, this is a great photograph. It’s sometimes hard to decide if you want to present the image in B&W or in color. Since the decision is made after exposure, you do still have the option of either choice. It can be a tough artistic decision.  I chose B&W for this image. It’s that “magic […]

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Wilted Rose January 28, 2019

Wilted Rose, 1.28.2019   I’m not quite sure why I wanted to photograph this past-it’s-peak-rose. I thought there was a beauty to the way the petals of the flower were curling and the colors took on a new quality. It, like some of us, may be past it’s peak, but there is still beauty and a story to tell. -Bill Bytsura        

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Black Cats, Plaza Catedral, Panama, January 27, 2019

Black Cats, Plaza Catedral, Panama. 6.7.2013 I nearly forgot my goal of of one photo a day for each day of 2019. As I was crawling into bed after a fairly dismal day,  a sense of panic overtook me as I realized I had not posted the photo for today. I sprang out of bed and found this photo for your perusal.  So without further […]

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Bench, Colon Panama – January 26 2019

Bench Colon, Panama 8.9.2012   This image is from a trip I made with the Danilo Perez Foundation. We had gone to Colon to look at areas where the Foundation might build another school to help kids learn about the magic of music. We went to several radio stations and met with local officials and community leaders to try to get an idea of what […]

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Panama Canal January 25, 2019

Panama Canal, 3.5.09 Though they look like little toys, these are ship containers on a stop making their way through the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal has an incredible history. The difficulties of completing it are legendary. The construction began in 1881 by France, but due to engineering problems and an incredibly high mortality rate among the workers, it was abandoned by france around 1894. […]

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SansCuerpo January 24, 2019

SansCuerpo, NYC 1.3.18   Oh The Things you can find around the house. Somewhat creepy, somewhat beautiful and definitely, unlike me, somewhat aged. -Bill Bytsura

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Hands of Brian with Orange (what do you see), January 23, 2019

Hands of Brian with Orange, 11.14.17   I often think of these lines in the film, The Wizard of Oz, by Dorothy, payed by Judy Garland, Written by Frank Baum.  (From the same film; the scene where Frank Morgan delivered the line,  “He’s the horse of a different color that you’ve heard tell about.” When in each of the scenes following that line, the horse, indeed, […]

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Running Dog (color) January 22, 2019

Running Dog (color) 2.14.14   Yesterday’s post is the same image, but in color. With digital photography it is so incredibly easy to manipulate photos. In this image, I did use a long shutter speed to create the blur and movement. In post processing I did little else but drop out the color for the black and white version of this photo. It still has […]

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