Cat and Man, Central Avenue, Panama January 29, 2019

Cat and Man, Central Avenue, Panama, 2.23.2016

In my humble opinion, this is a great photograph. It’s sometimes hard to decide if you want to present the image in B&W or in color. Since the decision is made after exposure, you do still have the option of either choice. It can be a tough artistic decision. 

I chose B&W for this image. It’s that “magic instant” when all came together to make a great photograph. The un-perfection of it adds to it’s beauty. Blur. action and framing came together at this one minuscule point in time. Though neither the cat nor the man will ever realize that they were immortalized in this photograph, they are recorded for eternity, or at least a little while.

This image reminds me of why I started to photograph. the influence of the greats who inspired me to pick up a camera is all wrapped up in this image. Though I do not try to copy any images that exist, the influences can be seen and felt.

-Bill Bytsura

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