Coney Island Photo Fun – January 16, 2019

Coney Island, 7.10.2008

I think very few photographers would deny that Coney Island will always hold a wealth of possibilities for great photographs. One of the most famous images of Coney Island was created by Weegee was of the crowds on the beach. You can see many more examples of amazing photography from Coney Island here.  Another photographer. Harold Feinstein created some great images as well. You can see 43 images of Coney Island created by Harold here.

Coney island is an escape from the stress of the City, Though so crowded sometimes, it’s still a big draw. When I go out to Coney Island I always check out and have a few beers at Ruby’s Bar and Grill. Though Coney Island has gone under a big reinvention, some of the old standbys like Ruby’s still carry on. Check out the site Coney Island Fun for info

It’s great to have the old standards to count on. In Luna Park, the classic Cyclone roller coaster which opened in 1927 is made of wood and is world famous and is the Deno’s Wonder Wheel still manage to function after all these years. I can remember being on the Wonder Wheel, maybe 20 years ago, it was all rusted and creaky. When you got to the top and they stopped to let people on or off, the cages rock back and forth, with the rust and the creaking, it was an unsettling experience. 

Still, Coney Island is an amazing place to visit and photograph. If you have some time, take the subway out and don’t forget your camera!

-Bill Bytsura

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