Dog Days of Panama – January 9, 2019

Dog Days, Panama City, Panama. 1.31.14


This one is from my time down in Panama. I moved there sometime around 2010 or so with the intention of giving up life in NYC and move on to a new experience.

I became interested in Panama after beginning to shoot the Panama Jazz Festival in 2003. A few years after that , I think 2008, I found an incredibly cheap apartment that even I could afford. I bought it and moved  down a few years later. I became the official photographer for the Panama Jazz Festival and worked for the festival until 2015. In 2015 I began working on the publication of the book “the AIDS activist project”, I needed to be in NYC more to oversee the layout and production so I had to leave the Festival to come back to NYC to concentrate on the book.

If you ever go to Panama, try to travel in January when the Festival is held. There are a lot of events that go on throughout the city and you will hear some of the greatest music ever. There is also a foundation partnered with the Festival called the Fundacion Danilo Perez, they help kids from disadvantaged background learn and explore the possibilities of music, a very worthwhile cause.

-Bill Bytsura


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