End AIDS , January 8, 2019

Ends AIDS, Lenox Ave and 125th Street, NYC 4.12.15

I’ve always been a big fan of street photography, I have roamed the streets of New York since I moved to NYC in 1980. I became intrigued by this style of shooting by studying works by photographers such as Henri Cartier Bresson, Gary Winograd, Vivian Maier, and Diane Arbus.

I can roam the streets for hours taking photographs. It’s so easy to lose yourself and the troubles of life that haunt you when you focus your attention outside of yourself. I’m observing the things going on around me, waiting for the right time when everything comes together to make one amazing photograph. I’m always looking at someone or something and the things surrounding them until everything is right and press the shutter and capture that magic second when everything came together.

Yesterday I was interviewed by someone doing a study on how AIDS activism changed the course of the AIDS Crisis. So, I chose to post this image today. It’s from 2015 up in Harlem. I thought is presented the current state of the AIDS  Crisis. I can’t help but think how far removed this image is from back in the day when people with AIDS were ostracized, treatments were few and many were dying. 

I’m glad we are where we are regarding AIDS today, but we cannot forget the folks who fought and the courage they possessed that helped get us here.

-Bill Bytsura

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