Heart Shaped Rock – January 2, 2019

Heart Shaped Rock, NYC 2018

I found this rock on a beach in Panama. I was walking along the beach looking for things to photograph, and came across this rock. For some strange reason, I felt this rock meant something. Sometimes when I find things like this, as odd, freaky, and “out there” as it may sound, I think maybe, just maybe, it’s the Universe trying to tell me something,

I don’t know if you’ve ever had that feeling when you discover something and you feel it fits to explain things that are happening to you. Or maybe, at times we are just looking to attach meaning to something that has no explanation.

I’ve had this rock for several years safely tucked away in a box, and I take it out once in a while and hold it in my hand. It’s been on, and part of this earth for way longer than I have, and maybe it has something to tell me?

In this photograph, I tried to visually explain this feeling, that this rock might just be more than a rock. That it has a story to tell and some wisdom to impart. Or maybe it’s just a rock, but it can be more than a rock when I need it to be.

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