January 3, 2019

Orchid, NYC, 2019

My friend, Brian Robinson is a Floral Designer and runs his own Business, Earth Gardens here in NYC. He also designs the entire Macy’s Flower show, he’s one talented guy! One of the perks of this is always having some of the most beautiful flowers around the house. He brought this orchid home a few weeks ago and it developed a “spike”, or flower stalk. Over the past few weeks I’ve watched the spike mature and eventually burst into these beautiful flowers. I had been meaning to photograph these for a few days. Today something happened and I thought this orchid fit the bill for a photograph today.

I was waiting for the BX33 bus on 138th Street today, heading for a dentist appointment. Sitting in the bus stop was a huge dump truck. My first thought was, “Great, this moron parks in a bus stop, now everyone has to walk out into the street to get on the bus when it comes.” I looked up into the passenger side window and saw the driver slapping the man in the passenger seat. My first thought was the guy might be drunk or something and the driver was trying to wake him up. Then I saw him shouting at me, the trucks diesel engine was running and it was difficult to hear him. Finally I understood him saying, “My fathers having a heart attack, call 911”.

All of the sudden everyone at the bus stop was yelling at me to call 911. So many times, living in a big city like New York, when things happen, you kind of just want to keep your head down and keep walking. But I could see the fear in the face of the man yelling and he kept screaming “Call 911, please, call 911 my fathers having a heart attack”. I called 911 as soon as I realized what was going on and that this was not a drill. Then 911 operator told me to keep an eye out for the ambulance and flag them down. I saw a police car and flagged them down and they took over. I asked if they needed me to stay, but said they had it under control.

One of the saddest parts of living in a big city, like New York is that you become immune to so much around you. You walk by people and ignore their words. For an instant, the thought “Don’t get involved, ignore it.” It’s easier not go get involved and move on. But todayI realized that such a small thing can change someones life forever, such a small effort can be powerful. I know I can do better.

So, I thought this orchid that I watched grow from a spike of small buds to these beautiful flowers should be the photo today. I hope, that like this orchid, I can be a bright spot in someones day.

– Bill Bytsura, 1.3.2019

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