Running Dog (color) January 22, 2019

Running Dog (color) 2.14.14


Yesterday’s post is the same image, but in color. With digital photography it is so incredibly easy to manipulate photos. In this image, I did use a long shutter speed to create the blur and movement. In post processing I did little else but drop out the color for the black and white version of this photo. It still has the impressionist feeling that the B&W version had, but now the colors take away, or add,  from the form and add a little more information to the image, that may or may not distract from the content, or please, or not please the viewer.

Manipulating digital photography is almost the norm now. With thousands of filters, and numerous apps that automatically process the images to achieve a number of generic effects to make the photo more engaging to certain audiences. 

I’ve seen a few news articles that have used these over processed images. Reportage should give the fact, just the facts. This type of photography can put you almost on the scene and make you a little more familiar with the events in accompanying captions or articles.  But the overprocessed images can blur the objective of the image and distract the viewer from the purpose of the photographs existence.

I will stick to my roots of analog photography, though using digital technology. I’ll always opt for simple processing, exposure, contrast, the basics, and keep the truth of the image. 

-Bill Bytsura

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