Tired of Winning – January 13, 2019

A photo I took on East 91st and Central Park West. A sign indicating the Cooper Hewitt and Smithsonian Museum were closed due the the Government shutdown, more popularly know and the Trump Shutdown. I don’t know many Federal workers or anyone directly affected by this stupid shutdown, but the cultural institutions and National parks are affected and that is only the tip of the iceberg here. Thousands of Federal workers are out of work, not getting paid because of the idiot in Washington DC.  The daily cost of Trump hissy-fit is estimated at $1.2 billion dollars a week. People aren’t getting paid, can’t buy food, can’t pay rent because of Donald Trump and his egotistical stupidity. But I think he’s boxed himself into a corner and will have a hard time getting out of this one, he can’t lie himself out of this.

I think everyone believes in Border Security. But a humane, well thought out plan is the way to go. Not one that is associated with children dying or ripping children from the arms of their parents. Let’s figure out a way for a path to citizenship for undocumented folks and end this issue that divides the nation more and more. Open up the government first, then debate how to proceed with border control. 

The government shutdown and the poor treatment of men women and children at the border and all the pain and suffering is just wrong, just so…so…Trump

-Bill Bytsura

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